Special offer. Sale of production complex with complete infrastructure and 9 hectares of land in Ukraine (50 km from Romania) Sale production complex with infrastructure and land in Ukraine

In our attempt to diversify production we offer for sale a production complex with complete infrastructure and big land parcel. We own all buildings and a land plot of 8,7604 hectares of the integral property complex (hereinafter Complex).

There are no encumbrances or servitudes over the land plot and a title thereto is certified by the State act on property right to land (cadastre number of the parcel 7322555700 01 004 0141).

There are also no defects of the Complex buildings and facilities, they are not alienated to other entities, not restricted (arrested), not pledged (including tax pledge), there are no current or pending claims or court proceedings on them and no third party possesses any rights to them as in Ukraine as well as abroad.

The Complex has separate railway branch, 2 artesian wells with water tower, own electric power substation with 3000 kVA capacity. Infrastructure, communications and supporting systems are also available at the Complex.

The Complex contains office, checkpoint, drying facilities, parquet, wood-sawing and 3 furniture production departments, warehouse, electric power substation and electrical department, boiler-house, water-pumping, gasoline-filling, condensate-collecting, compressor and medical stations, greenhouse, asphalt-concrete site, reinforced concrete fence, etc.

The Complex has exceptionally advantageous location at the border of three allied regions: Chernivtsy oblast, Ivano-Frankivsk and Khmelnitsky oblast; 800 meters to important highway (Kamenec-Podolsky, Vinnitsa, Kyiv); 25 km away from Chernivtsy city, 50 km away from entry point to Romania (the EU), 75 km away from entry point to Moldova.

Local government is interested in development of the Complex production and ready to render any possible assistance for further expansion of the enterprise.

The Complex can ideally meet requirements of an Investor in the field of woodworking, creation of shipping and logistics hub, distribution centre or opening a bonded warehouse for import or consignment of goods.

If you are interested, please contact us via or call 380502674177.

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