10 Recommendations for faster customs clearance of imported commodity or vehicles in Ukraine Recommendations for faster customs clearance in Ukraine

1. If your shipment is customs-declarable, it needs to be accompanied by an invoice at all times. If it is a commercial shipment with a commercial value, you will need a commercial invoice. If it is a non-commercial shipment (non-business purpose), such as a personal gift or a sample, you need a proforma invoice. Customs invoice is an extended form of commercial invoice required by customs (often in a specified format) in which the exporter states the goods, quantity and selling price, freight, insurance, and packing costs, terms of delivery and payment, weight and/or volume of the goods for the purpose of determining customs import value at the place of destination.

2. Include all information required on your invoices. Prepare your invoices carefully. Keep the data within each column. Make sure that your invoices contain the information that would be shown on a well prepared packing list.

3. Work with local customs to develop packing standards for your commodities. Mark and number each package so it can be identified with the corresponding marks and numbers appearing on your invoice.

4. Show details on your invoice of each item contained in each individual package.

5. Mark your goods legibly and conspicuously with the country of origin unless they are specifically exempted from country of origin marking requirements, and with such other marking as is required by the marking laws.

6. Comply with the provisions of any special laws that may apply to your goods, such as laws relating to food, drugs, cosmetics, alcoholic beverages, and others.

7. Observe the instructions closely with respect to invoicing, packaging, marking, labeling, etc., sent to you by your customer. He or she has probably made a careful check of the requirements that will have to be met when your merchandise arrives.

8. Establish sound security procedures at your facility and while transporting your goods for shipment. Do not give smugglers the opportunity to introduce restricted items into your shipment.

9. Consider shipping on a carrier using carnet TIR.

10. If you use a licensed customs broker for your transaction, check availability of his Qualification Certificate and License.

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