Customs clearance of import and export of wood, timber, lumber in Ukraine Customs clearance of wood, timber, lumber, untreated wood, round wood in Ukraine

General provisions. From forestry warehouse round timber is delivered on home market and for export in the following assortment:
Peeler raw materials (or peeler block) - the first cut from the basis of tree without any knot or sweet with diameter of the thin end more than 38 cm;
Round timber of 1 grade - equal (without sweet), the first and the second cut from the basis of tree with one "live" (not dry) knot per 3 running meters of round timber;
Round timber of 2 grade - equal (practically without sweets), tree stem with one "live" (not dry) knot per 1 running meter of round timber;
Round timber of 3 grade - tree stem with small sweets, knobs and knots;
Round timber of 4 grade - tree stem with branches cut off (as a rule, depending on the height of tree its the third or the fourth grade);
Technological wood - branches of certain thickness and remained top part of the tree.
Above mentioned description of round timber rating is general and can be used during customs control. More exact description of rating is stipulated in appropriate State Standard (GOST) on each grades of wood. The price of round timber and correspondingly the customs cost depends on its grade.

Export procedure and documentation

For clearance of export of wood, timber, lumber the following documents should be submitted to customs office:

1. Cargo customs declaration.
2. Customs clearance letter of control.
3. Foreign economic agreement (contract).
4. Consignment note for appropriate type of transport - international consignment note (CMR), railway waybill, air freight bill, transport waybill, etc.
5. Invoice (account, final invoice, Rechnung, etc.).
6. Radiological certificate.
7. Phytosanitary certificate.
8. Carnet TIR in the case of cargo transportation by trucks.
9. If the exporter is the enterprise of the State Committee of Forestry copy of the report of the Commission on control of foreign trade activities of forestry enterprises with approval of the cost and quantity, provided by the contract.

Export procedure and documentation is almost the same as in all other fields of commercial activity. The only document, which the foreign exporter is to obtain before making a shipment is a Certificate of origin of lumber and timber. This certificate can be obtained only in the place of company registration in Ukraine. So, if you do not have a subsidiary registered in Ukraine, the only way to get necessary document is through Ukrainian intermediary.

Information about transaction is included into the State uniform register of wood origin, which is also transmitted to the Customs service of Ukraine. Without the Certificate and inclusion into the Register, the Customs service of Ukraine will not allow an exporter to carry out wood from the territory of Ukraine.

So, be aware of this problem, which many foreigners face, and prepare duly all documentation before the shipment. If will save you a great deal of time and money (penalties, demurrage, legal expenses, etc.).

Sometimes state forestries require from foreign buyers to obtain permission for export of the State Committee of forestry of Ukraine. Be aware that this permission simply doesnt exist and it is required by some forestries due to ignorance or unwillingness to deal with foreigners. The only way to bypass this requirement is to tell civil servants that their request cannot be fulfilled due to absence of such document.

Issuance of the Phytosanitary certificate.

According to the Law of Ukraine of 30 June 1993 N 3348-XII phytosanitary certificate for export of wood, timber, lumber should be obtained for each shipment.

For this purpose, the exporter provides the State inspection on quarantine of plants (at the place of business) the following documents:

1. Application of exporter.
2. Copy of foreign economic agreement.
3. If the round timber will be bought in different region (oblast) of Ukraine rather than of the place of the exporters business the phytosanitary certificate (the permission to transportation from region to region), issued by the State inspection on quarantine of plants at place of sale of wood, timber, lumber.

Ecological and radiological controls.
The first stage of ecological control is radiological control. Based on its results the permissive stamp of ecological service is placed on transport consignment note and ecological declaration.

For this purpose the contract (as a rule, long-term) with laboratory which has equipment, experts and appropriate permissions for carrying out radiological control, should be concluded.

According to the Order of the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Nuclear Safety of Ukraine from 8 September 1999 N 204 the applicant should submit the following documents to the ecological service:

1. Application.
2. Transport waybill for appropriate type of transport - international consignment note (CMR), railway waybill, air freight bill, transport waybill, etc.
3. Invoice (account, final invoice, Rechnung, etc.).
4. Radiological certificate.
5. Phytosanitary certificate.
6. The ecological declaration filled by the exporter.

On the basis of provided documents the ecological service inspector examines the shipment prepared for departure and places permissive stamps on transport documents.

Terms for laboratory research and preparation of the permissions takes in average:
Phytosanitary control: 2-3 days;
Radiological control: 10-24 hours depending on the grade of wood.

The obligatory condition for issuing phytosanitary certificate and ecological permission is presence, at least, vehicle numbers. Vehicle number is also indicated in the above-stated applications.

During the crossing of the border of Ukraine according to the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine from October, 24, 2002 N 1569 the single fee should be paid at check point.

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