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General overview.
Recently, we`ve been contacted by hundreds of entrepreneurs from the EU and North America, who want to import cement from Ukraine. They say that saw lots of advertisements all over the internet to export cement from Ukraine in unlimited quantities. Because we have very good relations with Ukrainian cement plants and know this market, we decided to debunk some myths and reveal the truth on Ukrainian cement market.

1 Myth: Ukraine is a cement-rich and cement exporting country.
Truth: Cement and steel are the most widely used products in construction. There are 21 cement plants in Ukraine with annual capacity of about 27 million tons of cement per year. All plants are owned by a few powerful international industrial groups: 2 powerful globally well-known German groups control about 60% of the market, Ukrainian producers around 20%, Russian 10%, French 5%, Irish 5%. All of them are working internally and very rarely export it and only to neighboring states.

2 Myth: We can easily export million tons of cement from Ukraine.
Truth: The biggest Ukrainian cement plant produces only around 2 million tons of cement per year. If you see an advertisement that someone can export a few millions of tons of cement from Ukraine for sure this is a fraud. Stay away from these people.

3 Myth: Ukrainian cement is very cheap.
Truth: Because of the booming construction in Ukraine (demand greatly exceeds offer) the internal markets price considerably rose. Currently it is around 100 USD internally!

Theoretically, export of cement from Ukraine is possible, but by Ukrainian cement producing plants and only to neighboring states, like Russia, Byelorussia, Poland. As a matter of fact, export of cement from Ukraine is a myth, because of the booming construction in Ukraine (demand greatly exceeds offer) the internal markets price is very lucrative and no one wants to spend time and money for costly export procedures to foreign countries.

Should you need any help on export/import of any product from/to Ukraine, feel free to contact us through Our professional managers are always ready to assist you in this matter. Because we know Ukrainian market like the palm of our hand, we can save you a great deal of time and money, help you to make right decision and prevent fraud.

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